Guests Onboard Our Boat – Ep 54

We love to have guests onboard Thankfulness. Watch this video to see what we get up to.

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Episode Notes

 0:00 Stephen

Kerry and I are on the island of Gozo, which is one of the three islands that make up Malta, and we’re in a bay called Dya Bay. We’ve been here for about a week, and it is a magnificent day. There are only two other boats in the bay here with us, and the bay is almost completely enclosed, except for a very small passage there about 40 meters wide and an even smaller one over there. So the protection is fabulous.

  0:24 Kerry

Look at all the motor boats behind us. When we came into this bay on Thursday, there was two yachts us and one more. It’s weekend. Now have a look

0:49 Stephen

 That’s us over there in the middle of all those motor boats. It’s a busy little bay.

0:52 Kerry

We’ve got a wonderful friend, Mark from Sailing Vessel Tuscany, and this is what he says. Having guests on board is like having fish on board. The first day you have fish, fabulous. You love it, you eat it delicious. The second day, however, the fish get a little bit smelly and by the third day you just wanna get the fish and the guests off the boat.

But we don’t feel like that about having guests on board.

1:23 Stephen

No. We love having guests on board,

1:25 Kerry

and this is why

1:27 Stephen

the whole purpose of this Sailing with thankfulness journey is to inspire, to encourage, and to bring hope,

1:33 Kerry

and to bring hope.

 For those of you who have been following our journey, you know our story, but just in quick summary, summary,  Stephen and I have experienced tremendous transformation in our lives over the last five years.

Together, we’ve experienced firsthand what God means when he says he heals the broken hearted, sets the captive free, and gives us  a hope in the future.

 1:55 Stephen

And how cool is it that we get to do this transformational journey while living out our dream sailing around the world? Today, we’ve got a good 13 to 15 knots.

The sun’s out, the waves are small, and the wind’s consistent. And we’re the motor’s off, which is the important thing. So, Super excited for a great sailing day today in Greece.

2:21 Kerry

So now we feel it’s our turn to give back, to inspire, to encourage, and to bring hope because we know that it is possible to move into and to live your best life no matter what life has thrown at you.

2:37 Stephen

One of the ways we can do this is by welcoming guests on board.

2:41 Kerry

Not a bad effort for lunch today. What do you reckon? 

Oh my gosh. Yay.

2:46 Jonathan


 2:46 Stephen

Guests who are looking for clarity as to their own God-given purpose. Most of our guests are in some stage of transition retirement, empty nesters, changing careers, needing a new path, or even guests who have had dreams and visions their entire lives, but haven’t yet stepped in.

To see these dreams become a reality,

3:10 Kerry

 living on borders, guests can be like a circuit breaker from your normal life and give you the opportunity to dream again.

 Are you gonna dance?

As we live

As we live life

together aboard our boat and share experiences with our guests, we dream together of what is possible, and as a team strategize the possibilities. For the next step forward.

 Stephen’s in his happy place.

There’s been a request to learn knots. Everybody’s looking forward to learning how to tie.

 I know. And Kathy, you got it First time.

Yeah, baby. I, I’m good.

 You were born for this, babe.

I was.

And this is how you revision your dream and you relaunch not a bad environment to do it.

One couple we’ve had the privilege of journeying with on the boat is Kathy and Jonathan, they’re the founders of Hope on the Road. Have a listen to some gems from these guys. As to why they’ve had dreams for years, but not until now have they fully stepped into pursuing those dreams.

I’ve already got a name. It’s called Possibilities Unlimited. Possibilities Unlimited, and I’ve had the domain name for about 20 years. I’ve had another one called and I’ve been researching,  learning management systems and all sorts of things of how I might be able to do online training.

And so you’ve had all these domain names. Ready for 20 years. Why has it taken so long from the dreaming to actually get to today where you’re ready to implement?

Well, there’s a number of things that have stopped us. One is a big lack of confidence. Maybe been smashed in life. We certainly were heard words.

We felt like failures, things happened. And that all affects confidence. Your belief in yourself and your belief in what you can do for others and your belief in others. And with that, the enthusiasm goes, the energy goes, and so it just becomes the vicious circles. So it’s really important to have.

Somebody and some mechanism and some catalyst that will help you rebuild your confidence long enough to get the enthusiasm and the energy back to actually believe in yourself again, what you can do for others and belief in other people again. Number two is a lack of clarity and, got lots of bits and pieces, lots of experiences, lots of ideas, but bringing all that together.

And that’s the catalyst of getting under a coach and becoming part of a, a coaching program. People who work with you side by side with other people who also go through the same stuff. Yeah, that’s right. And I think that’s the other thing is you realize eventually that you’re not the only person going through this, and therefore you can help others through this process as well.

That’s what we’ve come to realize. I think that’s the important thing. It’s not to compare ourselves with other people. It’s just run our own race and this is something we’ve taught forever. But then it’s like all the fingers point back at you. I mean, we’ve been thinking about all these things for years.

It’s not hard questions. We’ve already got the answers there. They’ve just gotta be written down really. ’cause we’ve been talking, thinking, ruminating. All these years,

 it’s a focused, guided process.

 Yeah. Run the race and you’ve only got this much time on this planet. Do it and do it now. So that’s what we’re doing.

What we really understand about these guys is the gifts of God are irrevocable. They’ve had callings on their life since they were teenagers. They’ve stepped into the call that God has on their life, and then after they get smashed, you’d forget those callings. But the truth is that they’re still there.

The passions, the calling, the alignment, the purpose, it’s still all there. Well, it’s just been covered up by a whole lot of stuff. A whole lot of life that happens, and that’s where we come along and come beside and cheer our beautiful, beautiful friends on. We believe so much in these guys,

but it also took a couple who are willing to be sensitive to the leading the spirit to pray for us.

And then generous enough of nature to invite us onto their boat and to share their lives with us. And I think we’ve been a blessing to them as well. And that’s just how Synergy works.

 I’m pretty sure the good looking one referred to me.


 Oh, is everybody coughing?


The good looking one is referring to you. Beautiful.

Thank you.

And that’s the thing about team that Kathy’s been talking about. You know, first Steven and I. We’ve got our purpose, we’ve got our clarity, we’ve got our alignment, but we both come from second marriages. This is our second marriage. And so these guys have been married for 32 years and they have a wealth of information and knowledge and skills on how to communicate well.

And so I’ve brought stuff from my past marriage. Steven’s brought stuff from his past marriage and having these guys here with us and seeing how we interact or seeing how we communicate together, they’ve had gold that they’ve been able to. Invest in our lives as well. So that’s when the synergy happens.

It’s not just us loving on these guys, it’s these guys loving on us and helping us have even a better marriage than we’ve had before.

How important is team in all of this? We are all learning from each other. If God can do it in our lives, we know he can do it in your lives as well.

It is so exciting to see.

It’s kind of like we’ve got a front row seat in all the action of people’s lives being transformed, and this is why. We love to have people on board thankfulness.

It’s our hope and desire that you’ve found something in this video encouraging, inspiring or uplifting. If you did, make sure that you like it and subscribe on your favourite social media platforms. Be sure to click that notification bell so we can keep in touch. See you soon.

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