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The Thankfulness Mission & Vision

Kerry and I set out on our exciting adventure to sail around the world with nothing more than a dream and a willingness to take the first step. We had no boat, no sailing experience and insufficent funds. …but, we felt called to go into the world to be an encouragement to others, bringing the true hope that is found in Jesus Christ. We were convinced that if we could positively impact the life of just one person, then it would be worth facing all of the challenges that were in front of us.

Fast forward to today and we’ve impacted people throughout Europe, America and Oceania. What’s really exciting is that others are being inspired to step out and respond to their own calling, impacting the people in their spheres of influence. Excitedly, multiplication is happening! The small spark that sets a fire going…

We appreciate your support as we bring inspiration, encouragement and hope to this broken world. Together we can make a difference, and with your support, we can continue to be a light shining in the darkness. Your generous gifts help us to:

  • Create free videos that inspire, encourage and bring hope.
  • Host guests on board “Thankfulness” who are searching for clarity as to God’s purpose for their life. These beautiful guests are able to revision and then rebuild and relaunch into their own God given calling.
  • Sponsor emerging Christian leaders into our coaching and mentoring programs.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Awesome adventure. You will have a positive influence wherever you go.
We are blessed by your bravery and candidness.
StepsOn Air
This is a wonderful project and thank you (and God) for creating something so meaningful to me.
Ron Rose
Awesome stuff guys. How brave and exciting.
Paul Pagalday
Thank you for your openness and for being real. Can’t wait to follow your journey.
Thank you for doing these videos. I think many people will be blessed by your journey. Your words are powerful but in a very gentle, reassuring way. It’s easy and comforting to listen to you.
Linda Burton
An uplifting testimony.
Dhany Hariman
Thank you for sharing your journey – needed to hear this today.
Christine Brodie
Love you guys so much. You guys are fast becoming a massive inspiration to all of us.
Jeff Lawson

Ways To Support Us

Your support via direct donation or your preferred platform is very much appreciated.

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