How To DIY Solar Panel Upgrade On A Boat Part 1 of 3 – Ep 36

In this episode you’ll get an insight into how to do a DIY solar panel upgrade on a boat while at anchor. We solved significant challenges including watching the panels fall headlong towards the sea floor.

Watch to the end to learn the most important thing you need to know to make any boat project successful.

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Also see episode 37 – How To DIY Solar Upgrade (Electrical) On A Boat Part 2

Episode Notes

Thank you to Andy, Vince, Tony, Amir & Evelyn for your generosity, help and support. You can follow our friend, Vince on Sailing Saltwater Lanai.


  • 0:00 DIY Solar Panel Upgrade Introduction
  • 1:39 Trial DIY solar panel frame assembly on land
  • 2:55 DIY solar panel upgrade at anchor
  • 3:37 Removing surface rust from the stainless steel frame
  • 3:54 Strengthening & reinstalling the davits
  • 5:43 Assembling the strengthened solar panel frame
  • 6:36 Mounting the new solar panels
  • 11:52 Additional horizontal supports for weight of extra panels
  • 14:06 How to assemble the solar panel frame where it’s over the water & out of reach
  • 15:47 The New Solar Panels Fall Towards The Sea Bed
  • 21:03 The secret to boat project success
  • 26:06 Additional bracing to strengthen the solar panel frame

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