How To Sail With A Spinnaker

Experienced blue water cruising sailors step us through an easy process to make spinnaker sailing easy. From hoisting basics, sail trimming, and dropping an asymmetric spinnaker, plus more advanced tips. This is hands-on knowledge of how to use a spinnaker on a yacht. Downwind, double-hande spinnaker sailing can be easy and enjoyable.

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Episode Notes

00:00 – Introduction
01:43 – How to setup and hoist a spinnaker
04:00 – How to trim a spinnaker or gennaker
04:36 – Using an asymmetric spinnaker on a spinnaker pole
06:43 – How to set up a tweaker line on a spinnaker
07:36 – Top tips for dropping a spinnaker

Further Reading

Sources: Sailing Yacht Florence

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