Software and Apps For Sailing in Croatia


Primary Sources

  1. Weather Systems Forecast: GFS Medium Range Forecasts for 500mb Heights and Vorticity
    Provides an overview of the weather systems over the next few days.
  2. Wind & MSLP: DHMZ 3-day charts
    Wind strength and direction chart.
  3. Aladin Wind & Waves: DHMZ Adriatic
    Swell, wind strength and wind direction graphs.
  4. DHMZ Marine Forecasts for small craft
    Bulletin containing wind and swell warnings.

Secondary Sources

  • YR
  • PredictWind
  • Windy
  • WindAlert

Passage Planning & Navigation

  1. Cruising Guide: Navily
    Great for choosing anchorages.
  2. Planning: Savvy Navvy
    Good for estimating weather routing.
  3. Navigation: C-MAP
    Navigation and tracking.
  4. Anchor Watch: Anchor Watch Pro
    Guard against your anchor dragging.

Journey Log

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